Aus der virtuellen Nachbarschaft [22]


mit lsdev oder lshw.

Bildschirmeinstellung und xrandr

Bei LinuxNetzer Blog

Wissenschaftliche Untersuchung betont den Wert von frei verfügbaren Daten

Eine von der Europäischen Union geförderte wissenschaftliche Untersuchung betont den Wert von frei verfügbaren Daten und fordert die lokalen Verwaltungen auf, die Veröffentlichung solcher Daten bestmöglich zu unterstützen.

Vmail, ein GMail-Client für Vim

bei Linux und ich.

Tooltipps Extended: Apt-dater

Das kommandozeilenbasierte Rechnernetz-Hausmeisterbüro Apt-dater bei LinuxMagazin.

Eight Reasons to give E17 a Try

If you are new to Linux you may never have tried any desktop environments beyond Gnome and KDE. If you have been in the Linux world for a while, odds are you are aware of the fact that several other desktop environments exist. During the three and a half years I have spent using Linux, I have tried every different type of desktop under the sun and of them all, Enlightenment’s E17 is my personal favorite. The following are a few reasons why it may be worth breaking out of your Gnome/KDE comfort zone to give E17 a try:

Via Linuxgazette

Roll your own toy UNIX-clone OS


Free Software: the road to a Universal bundle, a powerful app store, and world domination

Apple is doing it again: they are releasing an app store for OS X on the 6th of January. Just like the iPhone app store, and the Android app store, this is going to be a hit: the OS X ecosystem will get a giant boost from it, and we are left — once again — with a lot to learn. Before you mention that GNU/Linux doesn’t need an app store because it’s free software, and before you even say that GNU/Linux already has an app store through one of the many software managers (Synaptics, Ubuntu Software Center, apt-get), please read this article.

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