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Die soziale Steuerung von Open Source

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How to convert a Wheezy (or newer) system to btrfs

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Rebuild of the Debian archive with clang

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Der Recovery-Modus


Build your own special characters chooser

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Turn Your Netbook into an Android Device with Android x86

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FSFE startet Kampagne für ein freies Android

Die Free Software Foundation Europe will die Privatsphäre und Kontrolle der Benutzer über ihre Android-Geräte verbessern.
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How to Integrate SATA and IDE Drives

Current computers use SATA disk drives. Pentium IV’s and earlier computers used the IDE drive standards. How can you intermix SATA and IDE disk drives? This article discusses the options.

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Scribus: Leading, Kerning, and Tracking Text

In “Tweaking Text in Scribus,” I briefly described the tools available for manipulating text in Scribus. Now, it’s time to really get your typographic geek on, and look in greater detail at how to adjust the spacing of text in Scribus: how to adjust the space between lines of text (leading), between characters (kerning), and upon a line (tracking).

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Modded Android: A Space Odyssey

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Linux Memory Management – Swapping, Caches and Shared VM


Create Your Own Ubuntu Distro

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Ubuntu für Android macht Smartphone zum Desktop-Ersatz

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How to Remove Your Google Search History Before Google’s New Privacy Policy Takes Effect

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Kurztipp: Thunar „stilllegen“

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Disable annoying bell in Gnome Terminal, vim, xterm, etc…

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Create a radio station in five minutes with Airtime 2.0 on Ubuntu or Debian

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Best Lightweight Linux Distribution for Older Computers

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What does Ubuntu want to be when it grows up?

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