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Die Themen in dieser Ausgabe:

  • Installing FreeBSD on Amazon AWS EC2 Cloud Services
  • Interview with Mark Price, President of Tranquil Hosting and owner of RootBSD
  • Taking the BSDA Certification Exam By Dru Lavigne
  • Installing OpenBSD 5.0 on VMware Server
  • MidnightBSD: Developing Applications Using mpor
  • The Greater Benefits of Open Source Software
  • PostgreSQL: Replication

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Die Themen in dieser Ausgabe:

MaheshaBSD-2.0 – What’s New On The Lake Manasarovar?
By Juraj Sipos
To readers who have not yet come across the 2010 May issue of the BSD Mag, where MaheshaBSD-1.0 was first introduced, I reiterate that MaheshaBSD is a free homemade project – a Live CD based on FreeBSD that puts together the Hindu feel and FreeBSD. A few things give it this touch – for example, a possibility to use 4 keyboard layouts also with Devanagari (an Indian script used for writing Sanskrit and contemporary Indian languages) and IAST (transliteration of Sanskrit), the author’s Xmodmap solution.

GhostBSD: A Brief Overview
By Nahuel Sanchez
GhostBSD was created to encourage the use of FreeBSD users with little experience, and also for those curious who want to learn freebsd in a simple, or for those seeking a more robust alternative to the current options available in Linux kernels. An operating system with graphical environment, simple and useful, as is implemented in GhostBSD, it helps enthusiasts to take their first steps, provides more security and incentive to experiment.

How Do I Study for the BSDA Certification?
By Dru Lavigne
The previous article in this series addressed some common misconceptions about certification and described why you should be BSDA certified. This article will discuss how to prepare for the BSDA certification exam.

GDB(1) and Truss for Debugging
By Carlos Antonio Neira
Sometimes you are lucky to have the source code for the program you need to debug. However, there are times when the source code isn’t available. When all hell is breaking loose, what do you do? On your unix machine there are tools that can save the day.

PostgreSQL: MVCC and Vacuum
By Luca Ferrari
In the previous article readers have seen how to quickly install and configure a PostgreSQL cluster, as well as how to do logical backups, using pg_dump(1) and physical backup (with particular regard to Point In Time Recovery). This article shows a little more about PostgreSQL internals and how it exploits MVCC for high concurrency. Readers will also learn about the importance and usage of vacuum for regular maintanance.

Beowulf Clusters with DragonflyBSD
By Toby Richards
There are two types of computing clusters: High availability (HA) clusters are designed so that if one computer fails, the other(s) take over its job. HPC clusters enable many computers to do the same job together so that processing power is increased. We’re going to focus on the latter. An HPC cluster on consumer grade hardware is called a Beowulf.

By Giovanni Bechis
Have you ever needed to set up a VPN for Microsoft Windows or Mac OS X users? From this article you will find out how to configure OpenBSD and npppd to provide PPTP and L2TP VPN’s in a few easy steps.

Anatomy of a FreeBSD Compromise (Part 4)
By Rob Somerville
Continuing our security series, we will look at the vulnerabilities on our test network. From the last article, we discovered that to penetrate a system we continually needed to move from the general to the specific, and to identify the most vulnerable system on our network depending on what services were running on it.


Aprilausgabe des BSD Magazine verfügbar

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Die Themen in dieser Ausgabe:

Interview with Dru Lavigne
Anton Borisov
Dru Lavigne is a network and systems administrator, IT instructor, author and international speaker. She has over a decade of experience administering and teaching Netware, Microsoft, Cisco, Checkpoint, SCO, Solaris, Linux and BSD systems. She is author of BSD Hacks, The Best of FreeBSD Basics, and The Definitive Guide to PC-BSD.
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